Speaker Series

Bringing influential speakers to the schools

The coalition organizes ongoing  guest speakers at the high school to engage teens on issues impacting them.

For example, Cari Fonseca visited the Fountain Hills High School for two speaking engagements in 2022. Cari is the mother to Brandon, who at 21 years of age back in 2001, chose to drive drunk with 2 friends in the car. Brandon suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from the motor vehicle crash he was in while his best friend was killed instantly. Brandon passed years later from complications surrounding his injuries. Her story is presented from the offender’s point of view while sharing photos and actual footage of the accident, interviews conducted, and Brandon’s life after the accident. Cari spoke to the 10th and 11th graders at the Fountain Hills High School the week before homecoming and returned the following week to share Brandon’s story with the 9th graders.