Parent Resources

As a parent or caregiver, you have tremendous influence on your child’s life. Your constant and caring involvement can help inspire your child to make healthy, drug-free choices.

Below are resources and information to get started. Just click the image to download the PDF brochure.

Parent Talk Kit

Six research-supported parenting practices to set you on the right path.

Underage Drinking Talk Kit

Includes five conversation goals, answers to the tough questions, and a family agreement you and your child can sign.

Prescription Drug Talk Kit

Tips for what to say to prevent prescription drug abuse.

Marijuana Talk Kit

The facts, risks, what to say, and additional resources.

Vaping Talk Kit

What you need to know and how to talk to your kids about vaping.

E-Cigarette Talk Kit

Ways you can have a conversation with your kids about the dangers of e-cigarettes, including a tip sheet for parents.

Intervention Guide

What to do if your child is drinking or abusing drugs.

Parents Guide to Fentanyl

What you need to know on dangers of fentanyl and its availability, plus additional resources and valuable statistics.

Fountain Hills Coalition Early Action Kit

Early Action Kit

These drug testing kits are FREE and easy for Fountain Hills parents to obtain and are designed to be discreet. You may pick one up at the below locations without any information needed in return.

Fountain Hills Middle School & Fountain Hills High School

Fountain Hills Fire Station #1  16246 Palisades Blvd. | 480-837-9820

Fountain Hills Fire Station #2  10650 N Fountain Hills Blvd. | 480-837-0804

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office  Admin Office 1st Floor | 16705 E. Ave. of the Fountains | 480-837-2047

Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation | Education Dept. | 480-789-7000

Fountain Hills Coalition Prescription Drug Disposal

Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

Take it to the box!

Dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired prescription medications at the dropbox located in the Town Hall lobby, just outside the Sheriff’s Office entry.