Empowering Fountain Hills Students to Live Drug & Alcohol Free

Falcon Way Athlete PSA

Hear from Falcon athletes why they choose to stay drug and alcohol free

Protecting our youth and making an impact since 2009

A group of concerned Fountain Hills citizens, worried about underage drinking parties and their inherent dangers, came together and formed the Fountain Hills Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition in 2009. Our coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit organization made up of 12 community sector representatives including town leadership, law enforcement, our public school district, tribal representatives, healthcare professionals, parents, treatment facilities, and youth participants. Over the years we have expanded our focus to include not only underage drinking, but also nicotine use (including vaping), marijuana use, opioid dangers, and prescription drug abuse.

Join us on our mission to achieve sustainable reductions in substance abuse among youth in Fountain Hills and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation.

Through a series of curated school programs, community events, and parent resources, we are able to connect with Fountain Hills youth, parents, and other stakeholders to provide them with the encouragement and information they need to support their students through tough social situations as they go through middle and high school. We want them to understand that using alcohol and illicit drugs is actually not the norm in their community, empowering them to rise above peer influences.

Programs that get results



In E-Cigarette Use



In Alcohol Consumption



In Prescription Drug Use



In Marijuana Use

Based on 2022 Arizona Youth Survey results of Fountain Hills students in 8th, 10th and 12th grades compared to 2018.